Do you suffer from chronic, persistent pain? Do you want a non-surgical alternative to resolve your condition? 

Radial Shockwave Therapy (SWT) also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment that uses a wand-like device to emit fast bursts of shock waves to penetrate soft tissues of the injured areas. As a result, the treatment:

  • Breaks up scar tissues on tendons and ligaments.
  • Creates an optimal environment for cellular repair and tissue healing.
  • Decreases sensitivity of pain receptors.
  • Increases local blood flow.
  • Regenerates blood vessels and bone cells.
  • Reverses chronic inflammation.
  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing response.
Shockwave Therapy

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

The practitioner presses a handheld device called the pneumatic generator against the affected area. This device sends sound waves/shockwaves to the targeted tissue in order to break up calcium deposits and encourage blood flow in that particular area. As a result, this form of treatment promotes your body’s natural healing process.

Radial Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive procedure provided without the use of any medication, for instance Cortisone injections. The treatment effectively supports and stimulates the body’s self healing mechanisms.

It is normal to experience immediate pain relief and improved movement right after treatment. There are little to no reported side effects. During your consultation with us, your physiotherapist will review all the possible side effects with you.

What Conditions Can Radial Shockwave Therapy Treat?

  • Achilles Tendonitis

  • Bursitis

  • Calcific Tendonitis

  • Myofascial Trigger Points

  • Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee)

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Gluteal Tendinopathy

  • Groin Strain

  • Hamstring Tendinopathy

  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

  • Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

  • Acute pain

  • Knee pain

  • Pain associated with athletic injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, or occupational injuries

  • Heel spurs/Heel pain

  • Heterotopic Ossification (Myositis Ossificans)

  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band Syndrome)

  • Neck pain

  • Joint pain

  • Chronic non-responsive pain relief via inhibition of pain receptors

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