PEMF is accomplished through “cellular exercise” systems that deliver a magnetic field safely and non-invasively into the body’s cells, which advances the body’s ability to restore itself. It is done by “exercising” the cells with a pulsing magnetic field, allowing the cells to be brought back to an electrical balance while increasing nutrient circulation and oxygen flow.

Thousands of scientific studies support research indicating that damaged, weakened cells can be recharged the quickest by using electromagnetic fields, so that each cell has the energy to work effectively. PEMF allows your body to re-energize so that you can function at your very best.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy


Diagnostic systems such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) use field strengths in the Tesla range (1.5 – 3 T), Many PEMF systems expose extremely low field strengths within the lower, three-figure microTesla range. Since the target of signaling is the cell membrane, extremely low intensities are quite adequate in producing highly beneficial biological response. This thesis is based on the principle of the “biological window,” a study design developed, explored and published by Dr. Ross Adey. Adey discovered specific, narrow ranges of electromagnetic frequencies to which the body responds more likely. This principle can equally be applied to field intensity — there is a “biological window” of electromagnetic intensities to which the human body responds best and contributes to active cell regeneration and enhanced oxygen delivery. The respective research of Goodman and Blank has proven, that human cells most readily express a cell-preserving gene, heat shock protein 70 (hsp70), at 7-8 microTesla rather than at stronger field intensities above 70-100 microTesla.

The native “mind” of a human cell, from an electromagnetic perspective, reacts to a subtle and gentle “whisper”. Our PEMF device is equipped with this native “language” and uses extremely low field intensities that communicate most effectively with the cell membrane. The result is the best possible holistic health effect on all body cells.

Every cell of the human body is vibrating or oscillating. This can be visually observed in video footage under high magnification when red blood cells travel through vessels or macrophages chasing bacteria. Pulsed electromagnetic fields with an appropriate frequency spectrum are capable of producing cellular resonance = vibration at maximum amplitude. They trigger the respective carrier frequencies of receptors (neuropeptides) with the aim to stimulate a variety of functions around and within each cell. The human body consists of roughly 75 trillion cells (depending on size and weight) whereas each cell membrane holds over 1 million neuropeptide receptors. A precisely defined pulsating electromagnetic field within the biological window signals all these receptors simultaneously at the speed of light and encourage them to resonate with the applied vibrations. This is the essential property of PEMF. The profound beneficial effects in human physiology through PEMF`s are initiated through improved inter- and intracellular communication and interaction produced by the induction of resonance within the body. Until today it is not scientifically proven, that frequencies outside the biological window are capable of creating resonating effects on cellular structures.

The higher the frequency, the more difficult it is to gauge the effect on the cell. Importantly, this applies to “unnatural” frequencies in the KHz and MHz range exposed by wireless home phones, smartphones, WIFI routers and many common household electrical devices. The newest and most effective generation of medically certified PEMF systems, the iMRS prime or Omnium1, target the extremely low frequency range – matching known tonic oscillatory vibrations of the body’s cells. They represent the gold standard of the utilization of advanced computerized stochastic resonance modeling to achieve maximum cellular resonance.


Benefits of PEMF Therapy

  • Alleviate pain and reduce inflammation

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep

  • Supports tissue healing, bone and joint health

  • Provides support to the immune and nervous system

  • Supports healthy lung and other organ function

  • Helps relax muscles

  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels

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