Manual Therapy

Moetus Health is a health oriented practice with a diverse range of client services revolving around the impressive contribution of efficient movement to improved health. Moetus Health offers private therapy sessions alongside supplementary conditioning options found in group classes, and educational-based workshops – a combination that is unique to the area. 

Whether you're rehabilitating from an injury, suffering from chronic pain, or looking to move more efficiently in your body, we recommend all our clients begin with a private session to better understand the importance of moving better in their bodies.


    A hands-on functional approach looking at how you move in your body. Our assessment includes evaluating your joint and muscle function. Depending on the treatment plan established by your practitioner, our methods may include NeuroKinetic Therapy, Fascial Therapy, Functional Movement Retraining, Pilates Therapy, FasciaBlasting™, Rapid Release Technology (RRT), Gunn Method IMS, Relief Through Rolling, among a range of other treatment modalities.





    Functional Movement refers to movement that is biomechanically efficient. When movement is biomechanically inefficient, compensation patterns form, which are indicative of increased risk of injury & inefficient movement resulting in reduced performance.

    Fascial Therapy focuses on the connective tissue in our body called the fascia. Fascia is a 3-dimensional web of tissue that covers our entire body from head-to-toe. When fascia develops adhesions (these can occur for a number of reasons), it becomes restricted & can create tension in the body. Fasical Therapy uses a variety of tools & techniques to release these restrictions.

    1:1 Therapy


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