Founder & Somatic Therapist

In 2006, Jenine recognized a need for the unique blend of physiotherapy, fascial therapy, and movement therapy while working in physiotherapy clinics in Sudbury.  In 2010, a centre was created where people can receive high-quality treatment while learning about their posture and movement to improve their overall well-being in a relaxed and healing environment.

“Where Movement is Health.”

Moetus Health Philosophy
Founder & Somatic Therapist


In 2003 Jenine began studying and practicing the Pilates Method at the STOTT Pilates International Training Centre in Toronto. In 2005 she completed an honours degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Manchester in England. As part of her thesis, she researched the benefits of Pilates on the general population suffering with chronic low back pain (CLBP).  


  • Licensed Provider of the Fletcher Pilates® Reformer
  • Licensed Fletcher Pilates® Provider
  • The Roll Model® ​Method – The Science of Rolling Certification
  • Certified Rock Tape Doc
  • Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy L1 & L2 Certification
  • Quanta Therapies Level 3 Auto Immune Diseases & Hormonal Disorders
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) Training
  • Relief Through Rolling Certification


Jenine has many years experience providing patients with diverse therapeutic services in a clinical setting. She continues to share her knowledge and experience through movement-based classes and continuing-education workshops. For over 10 years Jenine has been treating patients using a multitude of treatment modalities with a focus on fascial therapy.




  • Dedicated to obsessively finding new ways to move bodies,
  • The Crazy Aunt
  • Lover of mountains/dirt


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