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Here at Moetus Health we assist transformation and growth through neuromuscular facilitated Yoga, functional movement, somatic therapy, breath work, and mindfulness practices.

As our name suggests, we are a movement centre for practice, training, and education to guide you towards ease of movement, greater mobility and, pure strength.

explore a universe of movement

Our studio experience is unlike any other. It is vibrant, sensory, and somatic, with an emphasis on the physiological, mental, and emotional, which ultimately empowers a spiritual awakening. 

Our diverse range of treatment modalities focus on neuromuscular principles combined with neural fascial science. The two are offered as an integrated approach to emphasize optimal movement. 

your body. your energy. your call

Moetus Health "Where Movement is Health"

We passionately believe that movement is the route to a speedy recovery, improved health, and an overall sense of well-being. We seek to empower transformation through movement and mindfulness.

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